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LA Cityfeeds

Hexodus posted about this new LA blog feed aggregator called losangeles.cityfeeds.com. This is a one stop shop for news on LA related blogs.


Long Exposure Downtown View

downtown los angeles at night from the window of our loftThe view from our loft constantly inspires me to take long exposure photos at night. A few days ago after Soundwavez, I clicked my camera onto its tripod and grabbed my remote and shot a few exposures ranging from a few seconds to about a minute. I also shot the first photo that I have taken of the inside of our loft. I love my EOS 20D! I just need some more lenses... right now I have the Canon EF-S 17-85 and the Canon 100mm USM Macro. I want to buy a TS-E and maybe a 300mm telephoto.

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Flickr broken on Safari

So I am trying to send some of my photos to a group on Flickr and I'm getting an error in safari. AJAX rocks 100x more than Flash, but please test your code in the common browsers!

Wow that was quick! They fixed it, thanks guys.

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