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Railway Bridge Over LA River

Railway Above Los Angeles River

I just bought a complete Mamiya RB67 setup (in pieces) from ebay for my mom's birthday. She used to have the camera about 10 years ago, but sold it when she went digital. I took some photos to test it out this weekend and I am very happy with the result. This is not the final image, but once I get back the higher resolution scan I will replace it.

UPDATE I just got back the 39mb scan of the image from A&I and it looks great. I played with it a bit to bring the detail in the shadows up and also to remove some dust. I am looking forward to printing this. If it looks good @ 10x12 I may get a drum scan done so I can go even bigger.


Lovely Royal Blues and Golden Hues

Royal Blue and Golden Flower

I love flower macro photography. Desert flowers are my favorite, their tiny buds are so beautiful up close. There is something about a plant that only survives for a few weeks out of the year, yet opens its lovely petals to attract pollen transferring insects in order to sustain its life cycle, that is really amazing. Here is the full gallery of my flower macro photos from this weekend.

Railway Bridge Over River