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Goodbye Newsfire, Hello Again NetNewsWire

I have been using Newsfire since February of last year. It was the first RSS reader that I've ever paid money for. Newsfire had a good deal of issues that I didn't like. I emailed the Newsfire developer and asked if a bug could be fixed, but he replied that NewsFire wasn't in a development cycle. He wasn't very nice about it either. Anyhow, I had been tempted to go back to NetNewsWire for some time now, but never did because I didn't want to pay for a second RSS reader. Luckily for me NewsGator is now giving away NetNewsWire for free! I have switched back and I am extremely happy so far.


Again, No Hassles

My future brother-in-law, Noel Proffitt, took me on a photo safari through LA. We went through Vernon, down Pacific Avenue, to Watts and then finally to the beach at Cabrillo Beach. Here are some of the HDR shots I took:

Base of Towers Mirror Entrance Watts Towers Industrial Mural Watts Towers Port of Los Angeles

I can't use these in the Hassle Project as I wasn't hassled whilst taking them!


I <del>I'll Be</del> Was On CNN Again

So I noted that my photos and my website were shown on CNN the other day, well I am going to be back on CNN. The weekly "On the Story" show is filmed tonight and will be shown at 7-8 p.m. ET Saturday and 1-2 p.m. ET Sunday. Today I got a FedEx'ed yellow pelican case containing a Mac Mini and an iSight. During the show "correspondents give you the inside word on the stories they cover each week" and I am going to be the featured "internet correspondent". Hopefully CNN won't spin it like Deutche-Welle spun it (starting at 8:00 [it is already down]), where they called me an "activist protesting the [HR4437] bill".

Update: Well that went pretty smoothly. I'm looking forward to seeing the show. They definitely didn't spin me as an evil blogger or an activist. Everyone on the crew was very nice and I actually enjoyed it. Hopefully I didn't look too nervous. Btw Abbi told me that the Saturday show will be preempted for some other coverage, but it will be show again on Sunday and possibly late at night.


Ricochet Changes Hands Again

Maybe YDI Wireless will light up the network again... It's pretty much old hat now that 3g is poised to launch around the country.


LAPD Caught Beating Suspect Again on Video

Not knowing when to throw in the hat and stop beating their fleeing suspects, LAPD has been caught once again on video (this time from their own helicopter) viciously beating a suspected car thief. Riots at 11.