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BBC 1Xtra coming to Los Angeles

The BBC has a show station called 1Xtra that covers "New Black Music" which includes drum'n'bass / jungle. They are coming out across the pond to check out what is happening in the scene out here in Los Angeles as well as 3 other US cities: NY, Houston and Atlanta.

1Xtra is visiting four corners of the USA to bring you the freshest in new black music, interviews with the biggest stars, and a series of massive live shows!

They are going to be interviewing me about junglescene.com as well as the LA scene in general. They are coming out here the day before my wedding so it will be a bit hectic for me! They are covering some dnb shows that will be taking place when I am in Fiji so I will miss those. They have linked to my site, my flickr photos and junglescene on their mini-site and they are also using a photo of mine on their LA DNB page.

Update Oops, I didn't realize that 1Xtra was a full blown station, not just a show.


Hologram Projectors Coming Soon

A new breakthrough in imaging technology at Cambridge Uni in England has created a hologram projector that works without lenses or bright bulbs. The technology uses a thin film micro display and a laser to project a hologram in from of the viewer.