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One Wilshire Tour

I took a tour of One Wilshire a few weeks ago for WIRED News. I've always been fascinated by One Wilshire ever since I found out about its total coolness over a decade ago. About 8 years ago I got a tour and took some photos, which I can't seem to find in my archive. Luckily I got back and and shot some more:

One Wilshire WIRED News Gallery.


WIRED News : UCLA Nanotech Lab Tour

Last week at UCLA I was given a really interesting tour of Dr. Omar M. Yaghi's laboratory where he and his students have created some amazing nanotechnology that has nearly unlimited potential. The gallery just went live:

WIRED News : UCLA Nanotech Lab Tour

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!


Mister Jalopy : Dorkbot Socal Shop Tour

Dorkbot Socal, an eclectic group of nerds, geeks, hackers, makers, builders and breakers, arranged a tour of Mister Jalopy's secret laboratory / garage / headquarters: Hooptyrides, Inc. Mister Jalopy is featured on the cover of the current Make magazine, sitting atop his "Urban Guerrilla Movie House". His Giant iPod, a wooden entertainment console containing a Mac Mini and utilizing the original controls of the console, previously appeared in Make.

Hoopytyrides HQ is located in an old, dual-bay auto shop, with many of the original accouterments still intact, including the pinups that adorn the walls of the basement machine shop, old-school hydraulic lifts and a Clayton dynamometer. Mister Jalopy describes himself as more of an assembler than a engineer, pointing out that he simply takes apart existing technology and puts it back together to better suit his needs. Either way about it, Mister Jalopy's creations are fun, functional and attainable by interested makers who want to create their own repurposed entertainment equipment.

Mr. Jalopy on his projector bike

Mister Jalopy perched on his Urban Guerrilla Movie House, a mobile pedal powered projector build from a mixture of old furniture, vintage cans, salvaged optics, an LCD monitor and a bicycle.

You can check out the rest of the photos after the jump.


Downtown Art Ride - The Opening Tour

I've decided to do something a little bit different with the Downtown Art Ride route this month. Being that we never make it to all the galleries, and that the route hasn't really changed much in the last few months, we will only be visiting galleries that are having openings that coincide with the Art Walk / Ride. There happens to be 9 galleries that are having openings, so that gives us a little over 20 minutes at each gallery. Here is a google map of the galleries we will be visiting which include: Art Murmur, LACDA, Regent Gallery, DLANC Outreach Center, Crewest, M.J. Higgins, Gary Leonard studio, 626 Gallery, Infusion. We'll see you today at 5pm at Art Murmur, bring your bike, a light, a lock and a helmet.


Private Tour of the Banksy Show

Construction Rat

I've been busy and haven't had much to say here on eecue.com, but I've posted over on blogging.la about my private tour of the Banksy exhibition.

Necca, Craze, Armanni Messinian and Bypass Thirst Messinian Scooba @ Kicks & Snares Jodi and other chicas @ Kicks & Snares Photek and Craze in Dino mask Infiltrata and Lady T Craze Infiltrata Danny

Los Angeles Conservancy Art Deco Tour

Yesterday I took one of the LAC's Downtown LA Summer Evening walking tours. I wrote about it here on LAist. Photos can be found here.


One Wilshire Video Tour

This is really cool... A full tour of One Wilshire from the colo cages to the roof to the coolers. I wonder if I could get a tour to take more photos.