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Going to New Mexico to Visit Mom!!!

Early Saturday morning I will be driving out to new mexico (12 hour drive) to see my wonderful mother! She just moved in to her new condo in Albuquerque! It will be great. I went to High School in new mexico and I really miss it. They have the best green chile in the world there!

I'll take lots of pictures so you all can see pics of the Land of Enchantment.


Lightening the Load for My Japan Trip

I have selling a bunch of my stuff that I don't really need anymore. Check out all auctions and bid on them if you see anything interesting!




my japan trip agenda

osaka (i'll be there for three days (new years eve day, new years day and the next day)

then on to a suburb of kyoto where i will stay with bree for a week in her place there. that will be the best part of my vacation and actually the whole point of my visit really.

then on to tokyo where i will stay for the final week of my trip. i plan on buying a nice older laptop (maybe 3 years old) as well as a smart card writer (usb) and maybe a little music playing device of some sort,

i plan on bringing $1000 for food, $1000 for lodging and $1000 for toys.


my new office....

ok I have a new office in El Segundo... Today I just got a plant! yay... it's really nice...I love plants! Check here for the picture section on junglescene.com. Or....


Cobalt RaQ4 Remote Root Exploit

The self contained, easy to set up Cobalt RAQ server appliance now maintained by Sun Microsystems is vulnerable to a remote root exploit which ironically affects the SHP (security hardening package). Grazer released the advisory along with an exploit on i-security.nl. A patch for the problem is available for download.


Total Information Awareness! AKA Big Brother is Watching!!!

The feds have some crazy idea in their minds that making a gigantic database of everyones information is a good idea. It's not. The feds can't even secure there own computers let alone a system with everybody's info on it... did i mention a convicted felon will be heading this project?