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Ricochet Changes Hands Again

Maybe YDI Wireless will light up the network again... It's pretty much old hat now that 3g is poised to launch around the country.


After 14 Years, Iraq Reopens Embassy in D.C.

With the cheering of onlookers, the Iraqi embassy in Washington D.C. has been re-opened.


Hologram Projectors Coming Soon

A new breakthrough in imaging technology at Cambridge Uni in England has created a hologram projector that works without lenses or bright bulbs. The technology uses a thin film micro display and a laser to project a hologram in from of the viewer.


Cave Trip - Mosque Pit & Kimosabe Cavern

I just got back from an excellent cave trip. My friend doug from the Desert Dog Troglodytes grotto went to Northern Arizona to fence off and explore a cave that doug bought. It was great fun!