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Colin Powell of the Village People

When I first saw this i thought it was a joke, but no, Colin Powell Really did don a hard hat and a belt and performed a rendition of the Village People's YMCA in Jakarta.


Girl Burned By Exploding Cellphone

A 16 year old Ontario, California girl received second degree burns and a torn pair of blue jeans when her cellphone exploded in her pocket. The cellphone was a Verizon Kyocera.


Traffic Light Camera Catches Cheating Wife

A traffic light camera in Hawthorne caught a motorist running a red light. When the owner of the car contested the ticket, he was shown footage of his wife's lover driving that car and running the light, divorce ensued.


Department of Homeland Security Recomends Not Using MS Internet Explorer

This is priceless, the DHS has recommended that users switch to a browser other than Internet Explorer, due to serious security flaws. So i would recommend that you download and install Mozilla.


Free As In Beer Digital Certs

Although the free certs aren't currently recognized by browsers, an Australian company by the name of CACerts is giving away free digital certificates. If all goes well, browsers will be including them as a default CA.


Comcast Helps Lower The World's Spam Intake, Blocks Port 25

Thank you Comcast for lowering the amount of spam in the world by blocking port 25 on your periphery. When the clusestick whacking fails, block port 25.