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In a move that won't work, the MPAA has decided to use new encrypted DVDs and DVD players so that the voters can watch their oscar screeners without the threat of pirating them. It won't work.


Gun Ban Doesn't Prevent Attacks

The pointless assault weapons ban that is due to sunset in a few months has not prevented a single attack with assault weapons. Bayonetting attack statistics show that the amount of bayonet attacks since the passing of the ban has remained stable and none per year.


Perseid Meteor Shower Could Be Best Ever

Scientists at nasa have predicted the coming Perseid meteor showers (starting mid-July and peaking on August 12th) will be some of the best ever seen. The reasons they give are two-fold, one being that the moon will be new, and another being that our planet is crossing a new filament of space dust stemming from the Swift-Tuttle comet.


DOE Wastes Gross Amounts of Money

According to a contractor, the Department of Energy wasted vast amounts of money, spending $4.8 million on a system that should only have cost $50,000.


OS X Newton Sync

All you newton freaks out there can now sync your mac with your newton. Go retro technology!


LAist opens it's doors...

The Los Angeles based sister site of gothamist has opened it's virtual doors. Enjoy the news.