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First Photos of Distant Planet

Astronomers think they have taken photographs of a distant planet thought to be a planetary companion to a distant brown dwarf. [sci tech]


Kuro5hin says NK Blast was Nuke...

We all heard about the huge blast in North Korea that was dismissed as a destruction of a mountain for a hydroelectric project. That seemed fishy to me as it did to Kuro5hin... here is what they think. [kuroshin]


Local Google Search Upgrade

from [google]:

Demo: cheap restaurants in palo alto.

  • Enhanced user interface - a new, cleaner design that now includes maps on results pages displaying the location of businesses in the search results
  • New mapping capabilities - users can now zoom and pan different directions on the maps without reloading the page
  • Improved comprehensiveness - search results provide links to even more web pages like business homepages and related ratings and reviews
  • More relevant results - improved relevance technology returns even more precise results


Hacker Central, Brazil....

According to experts at a computer conference in Brasilia, the world's "hacking capital" is in Brazil... does this have anything to do with Terry Gilliam? haha [bbc world]