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SpacheShipOne Flight a Success

It went good... almost out of batteries! The SS1 did a twist at the top of the climb, but everything went smoothly!

Photos coming soon... as soon as I get back to my car which we left at a Park and Ride near Palmdale... then i can charge my phone and upload the pictures that Arclight took....


SpaceShipOne Successful Take-Off

Ok well the takeoff went without a hitch and now we are waiting the hour it takes for it to reach the point where the SS1 will seperate from the White Knight. The crowd was excited to see the launch. We are hanging out at the car listening to our scanners.


Live from the Mojave Space Port

I am typing this at the Mojave Space Port, in Mojave California. We are eagerly awaiting the flight of SpaceShipOne. We have been here since about 0200 and the launch is at 0630. I'm using my G4 and my T610 to access the net. Cool =]