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Space Ship One Launch 9/29/2004

As Promised... here are Arclight's photos...

Space Ship One Launch 9/29/2004: "First official X-Prize launch of civilian rocket into space."

(Via 23b.org gallery.)


AP Reports on Debate before it happens

The Daily show joked about this last night:

ABC news reports on "debate" that hasn't happened yet: "Mark Frauenfelder: The rules for tonight's poor-substitute-for-a-debate are so restrictive, and the sound-bites that will come out of the mouths of both men are so easy to guess, that ABC news was able to file a story about the results of the "debate" several hours before it takes place. Link Story removed by ABC, but you can find copies here. (Thanks, Certron!)"

Spin much AP?

(Via boing-boing.)


Photo Gallery...

Just wanted to remind people where my personal photos are =] (and a bunch of other people's photos too).[my photos are now located on this website]


US fingerprints more travellers

big brother is fingerprinting you!

US fingerprints more travellers: "Visitors to the US who do not need a visa now have to be fingerprinted and photographed on arrival."

(Via bbc world.)


Bush Team Prepares Net Assault

Wonder if the dems are going to do something like this?

Bush Team Prepares Net Assault: "The Bush campaign is setting up an extensive war room to monitor Thursday's debate with John Kerry. The plan? Pounce on Kerry misstatements or exaggerations and send responses to thousands of partisan websites through a live feed. By Louise Witt."

(Via wired news.)


Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections

This is really insane and should be investigated:

Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections: "A former sales rep for Diebold Election Systems becomes a county election official in California. She sold the state millions of dollars worth of untested machines, which led to a scandal. Critics are asking, 'What's wrong with this picture?' By Kim Zetter."

(Via wired news.)


IBM Develops World's Fastest Supercomputer

IBM has created a new supercomputer called Blue Gene/L which is a teraflop faster than the Earth Simulator in Japan which i visited a couple years ago although it is only partially built. The supercomputer is also 100x smaller than the ES. Livermore labs has ordered one that will be installed in 2005 which runs at 360 teraflops!


Verizon EVDO High Speed Wireless

Well just a few days ago Verizon released their new high speed wireless access in the greater LA area... I just got my card and this is my first post using their service... cool deal!