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Photos of One Wilshire (Los Angeles Meet-Me Room)

bundle of cables at One Wilshire Los Angeles A few years ago I got a tour of One Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles where I took some cool pictures. Some of them were also at Pajo Networks which is now called Tier Zero. I host my servers with Tier Zero. Here is the gallery


I forgot about this picture of Jack Black and I

Jack Black and eecue I took this a couple of years ago in front of a 7/11 on Sunset in Hollywood. He looks really excited as you can tell. I'm sure he really enjoyed big annoying tourists wanting to take a picture with him.


XHTML / CSS Validation And Photo Imports

So I've been working on a few thing over the last few days and I have finished them for the most part. I have changed all the code on my site to be XHTML compliant and everything should now validate... you can test for yourself with the links at the bottom of the page. I also finished importing about 20,000 images from my old junglescene photo albums. All of the archive pages should be generated in the next few hours... feel free to look through them. I have also changed the CSS code for the image pages so now you can see more than one column at a time (note that this works in everything except Mac IE). I still have about 2000 of the new images from junglescene to import and then I have to import all my old articles and journal entries. Finally I will be creating a page where I can easily edit a whole groups' captions... when that is done I will go through and label all the thousands of unlabeled photos. Joy!