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Freedom and Liberty - from The Daily Show

I didn't get a chance to watch the daily show last night, but I found a link to the best part of it on a whole lotta nothing. It is quite hilarious. The final score: 27 freedom and 15 liberty.


Category Archive

So as you can see I have created an archive by category index on the navigational section of my site. These links will allow you to browse just a category if you choose. These links also work with Technorati tags. =]


Body Worlds Exhibit Ends This Weekend!

I just bought my tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center. I have been putting if off for the last few months, and in doing so I was only able to attain tickets for 1:00AM on Sunday! Oh well it will still be fun. I will take tons of photos As i just read: "The taking of photographs or filming in the exhibition is prohibited", but I will still try and sneak some anyway.


Updated Trackback / Tags / Ping Support

I have updated the way that trackbacks and comments displayed on my site. My posts now support technorati tags. I am also now pinging ping-o-matic. Cool deal.

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