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Body Worlds Exhibit Photos

body worlds exhibitYou're technically not allowed to take photos at the Body Worlds Exhibit. The reason being is that they have a contract with Gunther that says nobody can take pictures. It is not a request from the cadavers that are on display. It is so they can make more money selling the posters. I think it is silly, but I still only took one photo of the exhibit. Btw, the California Science Center's site about the exhibit has been taken down but here is the new one for Body Worlds 2.

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Started some Flickr Groups

I noticed there weren't pertinent groups for the following subjects: Caves and Mines, Drum'n'Bass, Urban Entropy, Search and Rescue and Metaphoto so I created them. Look for tons of photos coming soon. (This weekend I took some really cool pictures at the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens)