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During the month of January I received over 200,000 hits from search engine spiders. Here are the top 6 spiders that crawled my site:

  • 116,448 Hits from Yahoo! Slurp
  • 37,011 Hits from msnbot/0.3
  • 26,424 Hits from Ask Jeeves/Teoma
  • 14,618 Hits from psbot/0.1 (picsearch)
  • 12,204 Hits from Mediapartners-Google/2.1
  • 10,514 Hits from Googlebot/2.1

I wonder if picsearch will ever have more than 4 images from the search for eecue.


Vincent Thomas Bridge Lighting

vincent thomas bridgeI attended the lighting of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. I arrived just after the fireworks. I took a group of photos, but my tripod was complete crap and didn't stabilize the camera enough. Oh well, next time I will use a better tripod. Part of the problem stemmed from the fact that my camera doesn't have a tripod attachment point, so I was using my underwater case. I think that may have added to the blurriness but mainly it was the crappy aluminum tripod that I was using. I will either have to invest in a better tripod or use my mom's.


CSS Layout Control

I have created 4 different layouts that you can now choose from. Click on the links in the menu labeled layout. The site is currently laid out to the left. The liquid layouts will allow you to change the size of the window and still see content. Enjoy!


New MSN Search Beta Browser Ugliness

So I saw a news item about Microsoft releasing their new beta search engine as the main search on MSN (instead of yahoo). When I was checking it out i noticed that in Safari there is no left margin so the text is right up against the left hand side of the window... annoying (if you stretch it out it looks ok). I checked it out in Firefox and it looks fine. In Mac IE you can't even see the search box (on the main MSN page...)! If you post the link to the search in the browser it does work though.