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I.C.E. 9 and Khumbu Crampon Safety Recall

I just got a letter in the mail from Montrail about their ICE 9 and Khumbu crampons. The recall is for all crampons produced between September 2003 and February 1st 2005.

From the letter:

Montrail has received some reports of breakage on the Kumbu and I.C.E. 9 crampons. No injuries have been reported. Thhe breakage occured in the vertical reails of the forefoot portion of the crapon just aft of the point array. When the crampon breaks in this way, it will no longer remain attached to the boot or the function as a traction device on snow and ice and and could result in serious injury to the user.

You can call for an RMA#: 800-826-1598 M-F 8-5PST or email custservice [at] montrail [dot] com.

Montrail will provide postage and several reimbursement options.


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all the women in my life especially my fiance Penelope and my mother R.G. Bullock, who are the most wonderful women in the whole world. Thank you for all the happiness you bring me.


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New Tag System

Tagging is a way to identify posts / photos / events / albums / etc. with keywords that you can search by and cross-reference. Technorati has a good introduction to tags. Flickr uses tags as well. Now this site uses tags, of which the top 500 can be found on my tag page. You can also check for tags by using the following url: http://eecue.com/tags/[tagname]. Right now the tags are somewhat one-way (you can only see tags on the tag page... eventually each item will have a list of tags that it belongs to).