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Dial #399 for roadside assistance...

As it turns out, maintaining roadside phones for stranded motorists isn't very cost effective, especially when 90% of drivers carry cell phones with them. Starting July 1st, Metro and the Los Angeles County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (LA SAFE) will begin a non-emergency road side assistance cell phone number (#399) for LA County highways. If you already have AAA the operator will forward you there and if not you will receive assistance from the Metro Freeway Service Patrol.


A Club, a Rave, and a Concert

This weekend I went to three very different musical gatherings in the greater LA area. I wrote about it for LAist.

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LAist / Drug Peddlers

I wrote an article for LAist, the sister site of Gothamist about the tobacco pushers at clubs with their fancy schmancy handheld computers.