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Okonomiyaki here I come!!!

When I was in Japan several years ago I made it a point to try many different types of Japanese food and one of them I haven't had since I was there is Okonomiyaki. Oko is a sort of like a savory crepe but thick with the filling infused into the pancake. As you can see here it starts off as a bowl of raw eggs, oil, noodles, flour and veggies with meat, seafood or tofu and it ends up being a giant delicious pancake that you can then cover with japanese mayo, unagi sauce and bonito... mmmm bonito. The fun part about it is that you get to cook it yourself on the table in front of you somewhat like shabu shabu. The whole reason I am writing about oko is this flickr photo and I found a place in greater LA (Torrance) called Tombo that serves the greasy delicious fare. Google led me to Epinions which had a review from 2001 so I gave the number a call and a nice lady answered and she told me yes, they did still serve okonomiyaki, just not on Mondays which is the day they are closed. Photos and review coming soon!

okonomiyaki ready to eat with mayo, unagi sauce and bonito okonomiyaki cooking on the grill seafood okonomiyaki ingredients okonomiyaki cooking on the grill okonomiyaki timer, sauces, MAYO! and spices okonomiyaki grill ready to go

Lotus Festival

Penelope and I had a great time at the Lotus Festival this weekend. I took some photos and wrote a short article that should be popping up on LAist some time today. In short the food was good, the weather was great and the people were out in force. If you have never been to the Lotus Festival, I recommend you mark your calendar now for next year!

UPDATE: Here is the post on LAist


Just what we need... more parking meters

 All the fan mail and positive feedback that meter maids receive on a daily basis obviously inspired the city of LA to install the new parking meters in front of my building on 6th street. I hope nobody tells the city about the wily homeless meter hackers who poke the no-armed bandits and cajole them to give you time without actually placing change into their slots. No wonder Joe's successor is one of the wealthiest people in the city [that is pure speculation on account of nearly every freaking parking lot in Downtown being owned by Joe's]

i'm tired... me too!  yup that's how w having some beef sate food i didn't eat! lobster frier frying "lobster" balls dragon boat races she missed... but still won some KFC food i didn't eat! lotus metaphoto lotus and crowd she really was enjoying herself on the outside korean garden bbq master he really was enjoying himself deep down inside this guy was hot partially from the wok coolest dog at the park penelope admiring pillow cases echo park and the lotus fetival