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Downtown Art Walk

If you are in the Downtown area tomorrow, make sure you get out on the street and check out the Art Walk... I missed it last month when we first moved in, but this time I'm going to go to every gallery I can, plus take photos and write about it. Thanks for the reminder Eric.


Alexandria Engraving Highly Exaggerated!

I just read this post over on LA Cowboy about the engraving I posted of the Hotel Alexandria. I didn't even notice, but it is obviously not a real photo and is actually the architect's drawing... the real thing is much smaller.


The second installment...

Is now online over at LA Voice... check it out! The new buildings are now located on the google map. I will spend even more time tomorrow photographing buildings and this time I will shoot the parking lots where there were once buildings.

Home of the Farmers and Merchants Bank Pacific Electric Building Headquarters of the Edison Electric Comp The Hotel Nadeau Van Nuys Hotel Van Nuys Hotel Hotel Alexandria Van Nuys Hotel Hotel Alexandria

<i>Los Angeles From an Auto</i> Google Maps Mashup

Yesterday I posted the first few pages from a book I am scanning on LAvoice.org and last night, as recommended by Mack Reed, I finished a Google Maps API mashup showing the buildings from the scans so far... check it out here.