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Support Cosmo Brown

One of the artists on my roster is running in the Honolulu AIDS marathon and needs your support... Here is the email he sent me:


Nasubi and Densha Otoko

The other day in my post about reality show deaths I mentioned the Japanese TV personality Nasubi who was basically kidnapped and locked in a room for a year without any clothes, money or food with his only means of survival being giveaway forms. Well I wanted to know what he was up to now so I emailed Ed Jacob who runs the site that had the Nasubi info on it and he told me he was in a Japanese TV Drama called Densha Otoko which actually sounds pretty cool. The show is about a shut in nerd from the Akihabara District of Tokyo who saves a woman on a train from being accosted by a drunk and in return she takes down his address, which is a first for the man who has never had a girlfriend his whole life. The story actually happened in real life and the otaku, Tsuyoshi Yamada, didn't know what to do so he posts his quandary to a huge internet discussion board and millions of people follow his courtship of the woman. It is actually pretty touching in a nerdy kind of way. Nasubi just has a cameo appearance in the show which is also a movie. I may have to download a few episodes and check it out.