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Congratulations Penelope!

I forgot to mention it, but my lovely and radiantly beautiful fiance Penelope just got a new job at an upscale fine dining establishment on the top floor of a skyscraper in Downtown LA. She has worked for the same restaurant for 6 years and although she is very sad to go, it just didn't make sense for her to commute to Long Beach every day. Her new job pays almost triple what her old one did and her coworkers are much closer to her age if not older, the opposite of what they were at the old job. She doesn't plan to work at a restaurant forever, she has a degree in public health education, and has been accepted to nursing school which she will attend in about a year. Good job baby!


Cheney Leaked Plame Name to Scooter

Oh things are starting to get good in the Plamegate scandal. So what exactly did you know and when did you know it Mr. President?


IKEA and Crack

I wrote about my secret to building IKEA furniture that will last here and MAV's crack experience here onb.la.

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