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Hotel Majestic

We just checked in to the newly remodeled Hotel Majestic. The first room we checked in to, one of the standard rooms, was a bit smaller than we remembered and had a flickering light, so we called down to front desk and the gracious and pleasant Nisi upgraded us to a junior suite. The suite is lovely, and although neither it nor the hotel smell like old books any more, and we are quite pleased with it. It has a very nice fireplace, which Francisco the bell hop / valet driver fired up for us, as well as a lovely 4 post bed. It also reminds us a bit of home as our windows are facing the street.

We have a reservation for 2 at Perbacco and boy are we hungry!


San Francisco Vacation

After taking a tour of Hearst Castle, the wife and I are almost to SF. I'm posting this from my new Macbook Pro through bluetooth to my Blackberry and out over the EDGE network. We're going to be in SF for 5 nights and are planning on having some good food. I've been saving up for this as it our Christmas present to each other and I'm really excited. I posted a thread on Chowhound SF seeking recommendations for good restaurants. I will potentially be guest blogging on Metroblogging SF. Vacation, yay!

Pool and Diving Platform Large Pool Pool Diving Platform Mosaic Tiled Pool Dining Table with Ketchup Dining Room Gilded Doorway Mosaic Massive amount of Teak Cathedral Style Theater Oldest Art at the Hearst Castle Ancient Egyptian Statue Ancient Egyptian Statue Gilded Artwork Luxurious Bed and Bathrobe Gilded Fireplace Gold Inlaid Ceiling and Lamp Fine Gold Inlaid Woodwork Empty Swimming Pool Greek Style Architecture