Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

Autonomous Helicopter Platform at SPAWAR Autonomous Helicopter Platform USV Control Panel Technicians Working on USV at SPAWAR Cameras, Radar, GPS and Antennas on SPAWAR USV Unmanned Surface Vehicle at SPAWAR Inuktun Remote Controlled Camera Robot Robart at SPAWAR with SICK LIDAR Robart 3E at SPAWAR Laser Guided Chain Gun on Development Robot Technician Testing Foster-Miller Robot's RF Module Technician Working on Foster-Miller Robot's RF Module Foster-Miller Military Robot in for Repair Collection of Military Robots at SPAWAR MPRS URBOT Field Robot Autonomous Pepper Spray Paintball Gun MDARS Autonomous Vehicle Robotic Machine Gun - Ironic Warning Robotic Machine Gun SPAWAR FIRRE Autonomous Fighting Vehicle NROWS - Networked Remotely Operated Weapon System MDARS ISTAR Robot Autonomous Machine Gun

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