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photographer, engineering leader, nerd

Major Updates...

I have radically updated my website. I was using a program called serendipity for my news / blog and one called gallery for my photo galleries. There were some really good features, most of which I have emulated in my own code, and there were some bad features, which I have replaced with good features.

I am still importing my photos from a few other sites that I currently have them on.... soon enough they will all be on here.

Read on for the complete list of changes...

-- add quotes on everything
-- img must have alt=
-- close all tags... 

-- finish design of menu
-- fix design of layout of log / photo / album

-- import journal entries

-- show 5 log entries on calendar
-- select all images in calendar month (or week)

-- make all items 
-- update to current link system
Albums - 
-- remove single album viewing unless editing
-- remove highlight pulldown

Photos - 
-- fullsize link
-- full exif import
-- show album hierarchy
----- forward / back / first / last links
-- show date created
--- shows main group in larger thumbs 
---- click on an image shows 3 large thumbs in each direction...
-----  shows entire group in small thumbs below

Web Log - 
-- xml-rpc
-- fixed categories

easy to self publish main page with xml_rpc posting and web interface
like serendipity but with better standard conformity. 
-- Date
--- Title
--- Link
---- Entry Body
---- Extended Body
-- Category

-Implement CSS

Photos - 
-- Date / Time of pictures (exif?) import
-- comments import etc
protect raw images
show comments / trackbacks etc on albums

gallery remote adds comment post

-shows main larger thumb 

speaks gallery interface..
-- login (create a session)
-- fetch-albums-prune (aka fetch-albums)
-- add-item
-- new-album
-- move album

--- Images
-- Description

--- Album 
-- Parent
-- Title
-- Description
-- Highlight
-- images  size 

-- fix search limiter .... create lines for each searched for item

Message boards 
- ACL - add block users section that links users with the owners of the board
- rss feeds by topic / forum

Calendar -
-- build upon current calendar 
-- clean up code (css / tables modes?)

-- url rewriting to make name --> page [see s9y]


- allow certain people to view certain sections of your life
-- create acl item array or error and die
-- get matching acl combo
- allow certain people to view certain sections of your life
-- check user
-- get page name
--- page
--- item

-- everyone
-- logged in users
-- xfn level
-- foaf info
-- individual users
-- nobody

Comments - photos / web log / calendar events (after event happens)

Custom Skins - allow logs to have their own look and feel using css / header / footers

view_Skel changes:
-- add / edit  acl / xfn 
-- acl on rss / xml
-- trackback approval
-- permissions check array
-- xml-rpc edit  
-- xml-rpc delete
-- trackbacks
--- display trackbacks 
--- add trackback url in rss
-- xml-rpc list 
-- xml_rpc to post
--- client sends data in standard metaBlog format
---- server decodes and sets parameters equal expected parms
------ updates / edits / lists just happen / responses are returned at end 

-- rss output 
-- Attach a forum (create new comments section / add field to db / code to add item into comment)
-- View Individual Item Section
-- change item listing to spans / divs not li

Make Slacker CSS Friendly - update the following sections using css span etc
-- Limiter
-- Search Form
-- Edit Form
-- Add Form
-- Listing

Design - all CSS / xhtml compliant div tags (no tables)