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The Keyboard of the Future


This innovative piano allows you to connect your laptop or PC and take your musical creations to the next level.

BLIP-2 Description:

piano re-invented - june 2016

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

every  eye  fact  unsurprising  optional  whatsoever  structure  feature  tried  case  play  velocity  musical  keys  vast  three  blofeld  clear  similarly  idea  technology  knee  little  de  paucity  upwards  exciting  grooverider  filter  step  pleasing  home  rotation  teamed  meter  spot  brains  chuckle  fully  mix  makes  reputation  electronic  used  strip  routing  simple  side  slider  sheets  hammers  world  sample  instrument  lies  installed  though  options  basics  sampled  road  whole  records  infinitely  oscillators  can't  cleverest  operate  accordian  expensive  indicator  embarrassing  five  track  access  specially  g  supplied  adjusted  long  solution  impacts  re  ferocious  shape  plug  mattered  skills  processors  demo  brilliantly  inch  beast  object  fm  visual  basis  convinced  coat  software  feeding  skip  funny  sound  namm  show  ground  waves  masters  endorsee  well  four  possibly  finest  couldn't  parameters  tweaks  ultimate  tear  roland's  real  mess  hard  reported  mixer  plenty  reach  set  check  result  laptop  gives  scratch  exactly  search  pro  quality  text  allows  ability  instance  vary  hardware  beyond  old  bit  genius  djing  hour  ordeal  numarks  invented  none  etc  fantom  creating  rather  anyone  majorly  absolutely  straight  keyboard  brand  written  functional  perfection  thickness  inside  called  collection  roland  showed  slab  weighted  named  versatility  style  effect  desks  realistic  tech  really  advertisement  eyes  demos  gargantuan  extra  working  piano  knowing  hybrids  no  kit  off  computer  samples  wood  need  frame  amazingly  expanded  dedicated  niche  vinyl  hands  defy  usb  pc  skipping  using  board  et's  quickly  review  second  given  responding  serato  want  electronics  think  itch  time  futuremusic  however  meters  average  seeing  needle  model  appeal  adjust  powerful  surface  tracking  specs  poster  specialist  page  heavy  panel  minutiae  heard  next  us  days  expressive  aspect  like  duty  full  largo  total  copper  refers  dj  back  great  machine  musician  thicken  hulking  rapidity  size  virtual  top  physical  silver  motorised  audio  ribbon  repeated  basic  suite  numark  curiously  put  loops  designed  controller  pianos  front  two  synthesising  dorrough  modulation  sections  hit  range  fest  first  mass  processor  record  metal  caught  leave  one  possible  impossible  exist  r  silent  power  version  reckon  get  torque  waldorf  thing  approved  raise  unit  that'll  pressure  gorgeous  totally  future  component  undergoing  new  controls  name  enjoyed  perfected  connection  go  wrong  see  large  decks  world's  levels  way  findings  feel  deep  strings  music  know  waldorfmusic  interface  

Detected Text

00  09  11  18  29  412  90  ability  access  am  accordian  all  as  audio  average  basic  basis  beast  bit  brand  basics  called  can't  coat  case  collection  connection  d  demo  designed  dj  do  deep  dorrough  duty  effect  electronic  enjoyed  expanded  eye  findings  future  fantom  feature  feeding  futuremusic  genius  go  gorgeous  ground  great  grooverider  hands  hard  heavy  hit  hour  hardware  home  however  impossible  in  indicator  inside  installed  its  instance  interface  it's  keyboard  keys  kit  knee  leave  long  loops  laptop  large  largo  let's  lies  little  mess  metal  meter  mixer  mp3  music  mass  masters  meters  model  modulation  namm  ns7  name  named  none  numark  numarks  operate  optional  over  off  old  ordeal  our  panel  plug  possibly  perfected  perfection  piano  play  powerful  pro  processor  processors  records  reported  rotation  routing  range  reach  real  record  review  ribbon  roland  roland's  sample  silent  silver  size  skills  skip  software  specially  spot  straight  supplied  samples  search  sections  show  simple  slab  slider  so  specialist  suite  thickness  think  that'll  torque  total  totally  tracking  tweaks  ultimate  us  usb  undergoing  v  velocity  vary  vast  versatility  version  vinyl  virtual  visual  waldorf  waves  way  we've  world  world's  what  which  written  yes  you're  a  about  absolutely  adjust  adjusted  allows  amazingly  an  and  any  anyone  appeal  approved  are  aspect  at  back  be  been  being  beyond  blofeld  board  brains  brilliantly  but  can  caught  check  chuckle  clear  cleverest  com  component  controller  controls  convinced  copper  couldn't  creating  curiously  days  de  decks  dedicated  defy  demos  desks  djing  e  embarrassing  endorsee  et's  etc  every  exactly  exciting  exist  expensive  expressive  extra  eyes  fact  feel  ferocious  fest  filter  finest  first  five  for  four  frame  from  front  full  fully  functional  funny  further  g  gargantuan  get  given  gives  had  hammers  has  have  heard  here  how  hulking  hybrids  idea  impacts  inch  infinitely  invented  is  it  itch  just  know  knowing  levels  like  machine  majorly  makes  mattered  might  minutiae  mix  more  most  motorised  musician  need  needle  new  next  niche  no  not  object  of  on  once  one  only  options  or  oscillators  out  own  page  parameters  paucity  physical  pianos  pleasing  plenty  possible  power  pressure  put  quality  quickly  r  raise  rapidity  rather  re  realistic  really  reckon  refers  repeated  reputation  responding  result  road  same  sampled  scratch  second  see  seeing  serato  set  shape  showed  side  similarly  skipping  solution  some  sound  specs  step  strings  strip  structure  style  surface  synthesising  teamed  tech  technology  than  that  the  their  then  there  they  they've  thicken  thing  this  though  three  time  to  too  top  track  tried  two  unit  unsurprising  up  upwards  used  using  very  waldorfmusic  want  was  we  weighted  well  were  whatsoever  where  while  whole  will  with  within  wood  working  wrong  you  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated with AI (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.