Photos | The digital home of the city magazine

The digital home of the city magazine


This image shows the website of a city magazine, featuring a cityscape background and various outdoor building structures. The page is designed with text and files, and showcases an advertisement and tear sheets for an office building.

BLIP-2 Description:

the website of the magazine is shown

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Original Dimensions:

1034w x 872h - (download 4k)
los  advertisement  staff  office  technique  blogging  rehab  shooting  getting  file  são  families  enjoy  caves  arts  fine  landscapes  luscious  hitched  site  silverman  don't  hdr  practicing  gothamist  business  kayak  essay  awa  shanghai  mother  computer  amencana  offset  blogosphere  locksmith  flowers  blogger  local  acoustic  eecue  part  recently  jolla  angeles  rescue  contact  masters  photography  price  website  sfv  high  laist  pierce  ever  range  fellow  tear  read  classic  first  rss  september  spots  diego  gas  around  folk  list  advertise  urban  facial  paulo  one  pre  safe  gordon  listen  home  categories  seen  quentin  editor  oc  document  effective  rumor  dc  uses  erase  think  display  bullock  age  image  contributor  search  la  tony  photographer  text  sheets  printing  goooooogle  policies  francisco  britney  buildings  combined  ramly  station  newspaper  songs  laura  auto  meant  photograph  whole  morel  recommended  pals  poster  mapped  publisher  david  bike  probably  day  new  trees  life  busy  city  name  page  seattle  enter  found  order  spring  flick  aist  hollow  building  commented  outdoor  rekognition_c  tower  acne  go  dynamic  inspires  oscar  tours  intervew  series  interview  laser  preferably  create  anything  metropolis  mobile  spears  cityscape  industrial  like  aka  talented  monitor  caver  monkeys  academy  best  architecture  san  inspired  enamored  process  washington  toronto  philadelphia  rhoda  originally  factories  tara  music  marks  tone  webpage  foremost  rees  exposures  volunteer  ads  back  hollywooi  poshest  great  stands  ones  separate  

Detected Text

1  11  18.2006  20  205  25  26  28  2ev  3  30  3040  323  5  5mln  6  7  ads  am  angeles  arts  awa  academy  acne  acoustic  advertise  all  also  anything  archive  as  best  busy  bike  blogger  britney  bullock  caves  computer  caver  classic  combined  contact  contributor  david  dc  dynamic  diego  display  enter  editor  effective  enjoy  erase  folk  found  facial  flick  foremost  francisco  go  goooooogle  gordon  gothamist  great  hdr  he's  hollow  hollywooi  home  i  i've  in  image  interview  jolla  laist  life  listen  local  los  landscapes  laser  laura  list  locksmith  music  marks  masters  meant  monkeys  monitor  morel  mother  name  oc  offset  order  oscar  over  our  pals  philadelphia  photo  photograph  policies  paulo  people  photos  pierce  poshest  printing  quentin  recommended  rescue  rhoda  range  read  rehab  rss  rumor  seen  sfv  shooting  songs  staff  san  search  seattle  series  shanghai  silverman  spears  spring  station  são  tara  think  tony  toronto  trees  tone  tours  under  volunteer  washington  what  a  about  advertisement  age  aist  aka  amencana  and  around  at  auto  back  be  become  been  blogging  blogosphere  buildings  business  but  by  can  categories  com  commented  create  day  don't  eecue  enamored  essay  ever  exposures  factories  families  fellow  fine  first  flowers  for  gas  getting  has  have  her  here  high  his  hitched  industrial  inspired  inspires  intervew  is  just  kayak  la  like  luscious  mapped  mobile  more  most  my  new  of  on  once  one  ones  or  originally  part  photographer  photography  practicing  pre  preferably  price  probably  process  publisher  ramly  recently  rees  safe  separate  september  site  spots  stands  talented  technique  than  that  the  then  this  to  uses  very  was  website  who  whole  with  you  you've  
* NOTE: This image was scaled up from its original size using an AI model called GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior), which is a Generative adversartial network that can be used to repair (or upscale in this case) photos, sometimes the results are a little... weird.
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated with AI (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.