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Two skilled males collaborate on producing new beats while surrounded by pianos and computer hardware in their studio.

BLIP-2 Description:

an article about music production in a magazine

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)

Dominant Color:

plug  noise  kanye  enough  really  flaw  furniture  plugs  lighting  compressor  divided  moog  hd  working  different  ago  fine  make  fm  piano  se  modular  table  no  seems  kit  store  years  basis  job  yeah  put  streamlined  better  tried  good  trigger  footwear  computer  bought  arturia  play  even  sh  musical  lost  got  times  two  waves  bits  wanted  idea  pulled  openlabs  photography  well  screen  website  formal  eight  miko  synths  update  tear  making  setups  classic  synth  wasn't  wear  weekly  sk  trying  desk  sonalksis  made  around  triggering  record  example  indoors  god  plus  jeans  pc  something  live  thecrystalmethod  filter  one  aircraft  using  code  friend  doesn't  loved  portrait  uber  risky  album  perfect  syncing  circle  want  electronics  uses  west  lock  main  think  method  stopped  tracks  sync  fixing  keyboards  gear  white  laptop  brion  time  exactly  official  used  vocoder  pro  spent  text  futuremusic  works  bass  reliant  ready  sheets  precious  night  analogue  drifting  world  thing  airplane  sale  transportation  ins  instrument  find  playing  hardware  crystal  sexy  old  though  macs  holds  tune  load  setup  dased  lot  open  now  wouldn't  pants  truss  stuff  ten  filling  room  suit  imposcar  custom  new  neve  stage  bar  jon  soft  racks  based  aren't  beat  crystalori  lots  accurate  us  much  avoiding  arpeggios  favourite  lent  studio  shoe  andromeda  oscar  huge  ableton  use  keyboard  interview  kj  went  performance  like  built  problem  tdm  monitor  way  work  vehicle  showcase  vokator  sits  rack  steel  long  method's  visit  roland  tour  pm  know  especially  information  tools  away  midi  line  didn't  flawless  great  machine  

Detected Text

1  1,024  10  101  117  26  57  6  900  album  always  avoiding  all  also  andromeda  arturia  as  basis  beat  better  based  bits  brion  built  cs80  circle  classic  code  crystal  crystalori  custom  different  do  dased  divided  electronics  even  filling  flaw  friend  futuremusic  god  good  great  hd  holds  huge  i  in  ins  its  if  information  interview  it's  job  jon  kanye  keyboards  kit  lighting  live  long  lots  load  lost  loved  m13  main  moog  macs  made  method  method's  miko  night  neve  noise  oscar  over  old  open  openlabs  other  our  pc  performance  plug  plugs  plus  pm  play  precious  pro  rack  racks  record  reliant  roland  se  sh  stopped  store  studio  synth  setup  showcase  so  sonalksis  spent  sync  tbk3  tdm  think  tools  tour  tracks  trigger  tune  us  uber  visit  vocoder  vokator  waves  way  we're  weekly  west  works  world  what  why  years  yeah  you're  a  ableton  about  accurate  actually  ago  an  analogue  and  any  are  aren't  around  arpeggios  at  away  bar  bass  be  been  bought  but  by  com  compressor  could  didn't  does  doesn't  drifting  e  eight  else  enough  especially  exactly  example  favourite  filter  find  fine  fixing  flawless  fm  for  from  g8  gear  got  had  has  have  he  idea  imposcar  into  is  it  just  kj  know  lent  like  line  lock  lot  machine  make  making  midi  modular  more  much  new  no  not  now  of  official  on  one  out  perfect  playing  problem  pulled  put  ready  really  risky  room  sale  seems  setups  sexy  sits  sk  soft  some  something  stage  steel  streamlined  stuff  syncing  synths  ten  than  that  the  thecrystalmethod  their  them  then  there  they  thing  this  though  time  times  to  too  tried  triggering  truss  trying  two  up  update  use  used  uses  using  very  want  wanted  was  wasn't  we  website  well  went  were  when  where  white  with  work  working  would  wouldn't  you  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated with AI (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.