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The Onion 50 Years in the Future

This week's Onion is an edition from the future and as usual there are some hilariousarticles and opinions, but the "What Do You Think?" section takes the cake.


Todays Quakes: Magnitude 6.0 Central California, Magnitude 5.0 Alaska, Magnitude 6.3 Africa

a bunch of big quakes today... not sure if this means anything

M 6.0, Central California: "September 28, 2004 17:15:24 GMT"

M 5.0, Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska: "September 28, 2004 18:28:05 GMT"

M 6.3, south of Africa: "September 28, 2004 15:29:53 GMT"

i wonder if it relates to this story...

(Via quakes.)