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Great American Boycott 2007 Photos

Protesters and Placards

Protest Crowd


I just got back from the Great American Boycott of 2007, an immigrant rights protest in Downtown Los Angeles. The turnout wasn't as strong as La Gran Marcha last year but I estimate between 100,000 and 250,000 people are currently walking down Broadway. I just got word that they have just reached City Hall and when I left 6th and Broadway they were still coming down all the way back to Olympic.

I am currently uploading photos, please stand by. Protesters

Update According to the LA Times my numbers are way off, they say it was in the tens of thousands.

Parents and Children Titanic Protesters Patriot Protest Crowd Protesters Protesters on Broadway Protesters Protesters Protest Crowd from Above We are immigrants, not criminals, not te Gary Leonard No Cruzamos el Bordo... Protesters and Placards

Great American Boycott 2007 Preview

Here are some photos I shot a few minutes ago while waiting for the protest to start. I will be back out there shooting more shortly.

Giant American Flag

Sparky the DWP Fire Hydrant

Ok, so the last one of Sparky the DWP fire hydrant wasn't really part of the protest, but I did run in to him on the way over there. More coverage coming shortly on here, blogging.la and http://www.flickr.com/photos/eecue/tags/greatamericanboycott2007/.

LAFD Air 4 Flag Vendor Handbills Pre-Protest Nexxo Placards Sparky the DWP Fire Hydrant