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photographer, director of engineering: crowdrise, photojournalist, hacker, nerd, geek, human


Slight design change

I have changed the design, but you will probably only notice it if you are running Windows Internet Explorer. This page should now render correctly in IE and it no longer has the javascript warning you that you are running an insecure browser. That was just plain annoying, and I apologize for it. I have also moved the blogad away from the right and column and into the left hand column below the google ads. In order to do so, I widened the left column by about 10 pixels. So basically it was a very small change, but once I launch the new version of this site will be a bigger change. I am going to get rid of the whole programmer / designer / admin / human thing as I no longer design, and instead mention something like programmer / photographer / human... or something to that extent.


Site design update...

This is just a partial update. I am going to make it look less boxy when I have some free time, hopefully tonight.


Design Updated

Well as you can see (or maybe not if your don't run a CSS compliant browser) my site has been updated. The design update was the easiest one I have ever done! All I had to do was change 1 file and my entire site was updated. I am all about separating content from design!

I have also improved the way the images work so that they can be cached by your browser (and save me bandwidth). I am about to update slacker and created a whole plethora of sites. =]