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BBC 1Xtra coming to Los Angeles

The BBC has a show station called 1Xtra that covers "New Black Music" which includes drum'n'bass / jungle. They are coming out across the pond to check out what is happening in the scene out here in Los Angeles as well as 3 other US cities: NY, Houston and Atlanta.

1Xtra is visiting four corners of the USA to bring you the freshest in new black music, interviews with the biggest stars, and a series of massive live shows!

They are going to be interviewing me about junglescene.com as well as the LA scene in general. They are coming out here the day before my wedding so it will be a bit hectic for me! They are covering some dnb shows that will be taking place when I am in Fiji so I will miss those. They have linked to my site, my flickr photos and junglescene on their mini-site and they are also using a photo of mine on their LA DNB page.

Update Oops, I didn't realize that 1Xtra was a full blown station, not just a show.

SPR Brace and ... Bruce Dustin and Bruce General Malice General Malice

A Modest Proposal to Save Jungle Music

The RIAA has proven that the only way the music industry can survive is through suing its customers. In the case of the minuscule drum'n'bass music industry, it can only survive by suing its only customers, and the only customers drum'n'bass producers have are DJs.

The logical conclusion is to sue the DJs so that the drum'n'bass artists can get a slice of the fat pie that the djs are brining in through their highly lucrative mix tape / cd sales. i mean can you name a single dnb dj who isn't totally rich from exploiting the drum'n'bass producers they feature on their mixtapes? if it wasn't for the damn djs out there ruining the market the drum'n'bass producers would be selling thousands, nay millions of pressings of vinyl to your average jungle joe.

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Old School! Rave at the Alexandria

Hey celia I hope you have earplugs! There is a rave tonight at the Alex! I'm so totally there... replete with a drum'n'bass room!


Granular Music Info

Here is the info I have posting to different dnb message boards today:


Granular Music booking agency

I have just launched my new drum'n'bass booking agency, Granular Music. My roster is not yet complete, but so far I have nearly every OG jungle DJ from LA. The site will have more information soon including: bios, photos, mixes, booking calendar, online booking negotiation, booking contracts and more! The main point of granular is to help our local DJs get exposure around the US and the World. Just in case you were wondering, all our artists are nonexclusive so if you already have a deal worked out you can choose to go directly with that artist or whatnot.


Steve a.k.a Kemst

kemst This is a random picture of Steve Kemst that I took after respect. As you can see we are standing outside. I posted it instantly with my new photoblogging feature that i just programmed a few nights ago. Fun stuff.