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Dear Youtube and Google Video

I pay good money for a 6mbit DSL connection. Why can I not stream video from your site in real time? It works great from Apple's quicktime trailer site. What is the deal?


No Google OS / Googleputer

I've been saying this was going to happen for a while now, it just makes sense that Google would create its own operating system. I actually hadn't thought too much about a cheap computer, but I suppose that makes sense, too bad WalMart will be selling it. Google just announced that they will be selling TV content via Google Video and also that they are offering the "Google Pack" that comes with Firefox, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Google Desktop, Google Toolbar, Picasa, Google Earth, and Adobe Reader 7. No Google OS Yet.


Google Referrals

Google is now paying $1 for ever person that an Adsense user refers to sign up for Firefox with a google toolbar. Explorer Destroyer has some code (which isn't totally XHTML strict, but you can fix that by adding a couple <p> tags as well as adding a blank src="" and alt="" to the image tags) that will allow you to alert IE users that their browser is muy malo and they should switch. Just say no to IE!


Google Talk Jabber Server - NOW LIVE!

I just logged on to the google talk jabber server:

  • talk.google.com
  • login: yourname@gmail.com
  • password: yourpassword

I am using Apple iChat. Say hello if you log on too: eekyou [at] gmail [d0t] com. More details can be found here. [thanks for the tip sean


Google just sent a message to me on my iChat Jabber session saying that they have updated their page. There is no Mac client but they give directions on connecting from a mac/linux.


My friend set up jabber and his iChat crashed and then killed all his preferences. It seems to keep crashing on him. It is sort of working. Eventually we got both text and Audio chat working in iChat even though the chart on google says voice chat doesn't work.


Well Sean seems to have gotten it working too, but when I tried to reply to his message he disappeared and now I am seeing "Jabber Error" popups when I try and talk to him... can you say buggy!


Google Hybrid

Google maps just got even better as they have added a feature called Hybrid that combines street maps with sat footage! Check out the new feature on any Google map, like my Historical Cultural Monuments map. I am really tired from a long day of Search and Rescue training. I will write more about it soon.

UPDATE I have updated to LA from an Auto maps and the HCM maps to use the new hybrid maps. The new type isn't documented yet, but it is pretty obvious: setMapType(G_HYBRID_TYPE);


Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monuments Google Map

So I've been playing more with google maps API and have created a page that lists all the Historical Cultural Monuments in Downtown Los Angeles and a few surrounding neighborhoods. This phase is pretty buggy and due to the raw addresses from the HCM database being nonstandard, some of the addresses are ranges. I will have to hack my code up a bit to fix the range listings... also the geocoder I am using doesn't have every address in it, so it is not very precise. The geocoding is still going so not all 600 of the locations are on the map yet, but there are still many points so be careful it may tax your system to view this page. Next I just have to integrate photos and descriptions! [If you have a slow computer try this search for "broadway"]

People seem to be enjoying what I have started here. Tonight I hope to work on some custom icons and the xml-rpc.


<i>Los Angeles From an Auto</i> Google Maps Mashup

Yesterday I posted the first few pages from a book I am scanning on LAvoice.org and last night, as recommended by Mack Reed, I finished a Google Maps API mashup showing the buildings from the scans so far... check it out here.


Google Satellite and Ridefinder

Google has just released a couple of new tools that rock big time! They have added satellite maps to their regular maps page as well as a ride finder service that tracks taxi cabs! Here is one of twentynine palms.


Google Fights Comment Spam

Google has added a feature to they search algorithm that ignores links that have the rel="nofollow" tag in them. This is great because it let's google know what information is your and what information was just posted by somebody commenting. They have recommended the nofollow tag be used on all links that can be posted by untrusted users. MSN Search and Yahoo! are both supporting it. Most blogging applications have already incorporated it. I am going to add it to my system too. Here is the link to the original article on Google's blog.


Local Google Search Upgrade

from [google]:

Demo: cheap restaurants in palo alto.

  • Enhanced user interface - a new, cleaner design that now includes maps on results pages displaying the location of businesses in the search results
  • New mapping capabilities - users can now zoom and pan different directions on the maps without reloading the page
  • Improved comprehensiveness - search results provide links to even more web pages like business homepages and related ratings and reviews
  • More relevant results - improved relevance technology returns even more precise results


added news scraping from google to junglescene

it was pretty easy to do the code is contained in the article: