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Join me in supporting John Kerry

I want to invite you to join me as a volunteer on the John Kerry campaign. Our success on Election Day depends on having the largest grassroots movement in history. There are lots of ways you can help-- in the field or on the computer, but to participate you need to sign up as a volunteer today. As a volunteer you will be given your own online account to plan or attend John Kerry events, recruit other volunteers, raise money and participate in many more exciting activities. You will also receive emails with the latest campaign news, insider updates, and critical action alerts. Election Day is just around the corner. Be a part of the group that has put George Bush on the defensive. We cannot slow down now; John Kerry can win this election but he needs all of our help.

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Howard Zinn on Kerry (Audio)

When i went to Santa Fe High School, I had a great Contemporary US History teacher named Jane Zinn who is the wife of Howard Zinn [I was totally wrong about this! It was a different Zinn!]. He has an interesting piece on RadioNation:

RadioNation AudioBlog: Howard Zinn on Kerry/Bush: "America's leading radical historian on why voting does and does not matter."

(Via the nation.)