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Sponsor Me, Fight Cancer

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I will be walking in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women and I am looking for sponsors. The Revlon Run/Walk is one of the nation's largest 5K fundraising events and has distributed nearly $50 million for cancer research, counseling, and outreach programs. My strong, powerful and beautiful mother is a cancer survivor and I am proud to be walking in her honor.

Click here to sponsor me and help fight women's cancer

Thanks for your support!

iChat Support /me

iChat Supports /me

When you're using IRC and you want to say that you're doing an action you use the /me command:

/me is posting on my blog

Well iChat now supports this:

iChat Support /me

That's pretty cool!


5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Well, I've been too busy to blog recently due to several large projects that I'm working on concurrently, but I figured I would respond to this 5 things meme, as Siel of Green LA Girl tagged me.

  1. I lived in South Africa for a year when I was 6 years old.
  2. I only drink coffee on ice (and some times it's not even fair trade!)
  3. I make my cats dance, but I think they like it.
  4. My first job out of High School was designing rave flyers.
  5. I want to retire in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I am tagging: Peneloper, Eric, Celia, Jim and Ed.


Dunk Me @ DefCon

This Saturday at 12:30pm I will be available for dunking in the DefCon EFF dunk tank. The proceeds go to the EFF so it is for a great cause. You know you want to dunk me!


Oomasa, Take Me Away!

monk fish liver

The other day I did a short write-up about many people's favorite sushi spot in Little Tokyo called Oomasa. I don't think my one paragraph really did it justice so I am going to expand upon it. I also took some drool inducing photos during my most recent foray between the noren curtains.

Read the rest over at blogging.la


No Organic Express for Me!

I am sad because after reading about Organic Express on this cool and environmentally conscious LA blog, I rushed over to the Organic Express website and tried to sign up, but lo and behold they don't deliver to my area.

UPDATE: So I heard back from a Organic Express rep and they totally copped out saying they only deliver to residential neighborhoods and we all know that nobody lives downtown:


Join me in supporting John Kerry

I want to invite you to join me as a volunteer on the John Kerry campaign. Our success on Election Day depends on having the largest grassroots movement in history. There are lots of ways you can help-- in the field or on the computer, but to participate you need to sign up as a volunteer today. As a volunteer you will be given your own online account to plan or attend John Kerry events, recruit other volunteers, raise money and participate in many more exciting activities. You will also receive emails with the latest campaign news, insider updates, and critical action alerts. Election Day is just around the corner. Be a part of the group that has put George Bush on the defensive. We cannot slow down now; John Kerry can win this election but he needs all of our help.

Join the Campaign Today!


call me on my japanese cell phone!!!

here is the number:


just remember the 17 hour time difference!