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Not A Cornfield: In Full Bloom

Thanks to the recent rains, Downtown Los Angeles' Not A Cornfield park is in full bloom. It's really quite beautiful down there, if you haven't taken a look you're missing out.

Ok, so it's no longer called Not A Cornfield, and is now the Los Angeles State Historical Park. Either way it is totally covered with wildflowers. As you can see in the photos below:

Carpet of Flowers

The Gold Line and Flowers in Not a Cornfield

Penelope in Not a Cornfield

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Must not forget the Art Walk

Next Thursday the 10th of November is the Downtown LA Art Walk. I will not miss it again (hopefully).


University of Texas not keen on taking over LANL

When i heard about the security problems at LANL and about how some newly appointed Bush cabinet members were going to strip The Regents of the University of California control of the Lab i hypothesized that Haliburton would get the contract... i was wrong, but big surprise that one of the main bidders was the University of Texas... several other bidders are also from Texas, including Texas A&M... i really hope it goes back to UC.


Department of Homeland Security Recomends Not Using MS Internet Explorer

This is priceless, the DHS has recommended that users switch to a browser other than Internet Explorer, due to serious security flaws. So i would recommend that you download and install Mozilla.