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NF 289 and St Peter's Dome Road

Yesterday the radiantly beautiful Penelope and I took the road less traveled from Cochiti Pueblo up through Tent Rocks along National Forest road 289, with a slight detour to Saint Peter's Dome, up to Highway 4. The FJ, which we've named Blue-J, performed flawlessly, although this time 4 Wheel Low was required. Here are some photos I took, along with Penelope's first HDR photo:

Blue-J with Pen and Dave

Blue-J in Dome Wilderness

View from Dome Wilderness Lookout

View from Dome Wilderness Lookout

Cochiti Dam and Valley

Penelope's first HDR photo:

Dome Wilderness

You can check out the rest in my photo gallery.


Red State Road Trip

I just watched a very touching series of interviews with people throughout the red states. Here are the links to the videos.