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NetIQ Sold My Email Address To Spammers

The unique throwaway email address that I used only for NetIQ was eventually sold to a spam list. Shame on you NetIQ, I don't think you've adhered to your own privacy policy.

... we want you to know that NetIQ is not in the business of selling or renting individuals' personal data to other companies for marketing purposes.


TEAM Projects Plans to Create 1/2 Angstrom Resolution Microscope

Scientest at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs are working on a microscope that will help push forward the next wave of nanotechnology.New microscope could focus nanotech dream

(Via topix D.O.E..)


Cicadas a Party for Forests

Every now and then cicadas invade our forests, and as it turns out, the forests love it.


Dual Use Space Lasers?

In the future we will definately be seeing many space based lasers, most will be weapons, but some will be for propulsion, according to this article from the CS Monitor.


Space Ship One Launch 9/29/2004

As Promised... here are Arclight's photos...

Space Ship One Launch 9/29/2004: "First official X-Prize launch of civilian rocket into space."

(Via 23b.org gallery.)


Mt. Saint Helens Notice of Volcanic Unrest

Mt. Saint Helens is producing earthquakes and has changed significantly in the past 24 hours and there is an increasing risk of a hazardous event which has prompted the Washington University of Washington Dept. of Earth and Space Science to issue a Notice of Volcanic Unrest.

(Via Feedster Search: Search And Rescue.)


Slow Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

A new, more accurate imaging system called Slow MAS works by spinning the subject (which will be changed some day to spin the magnets) at the "Magic Angle" 54.7 degrees to magnetic field. [topix D.O.E.]


First Photos of Distant Planet

Astronomers think they have taken photographs of a distant planet thought to be a planetary companion to a distant brown dwarf. [sci tech]


Without the language to describe numbers, counting is not possible

A study of an Amazon tribe reveals that the lack of language to describe numbers makes counting hard to impossible. [nature]


Terahertz light imaging

Terahertz light is now being used to image through metal and other materials without harmful xrays (but with harmful terahertz waves, haha) [gyre - military revolutions]


Clean out that space junk

Here is an interesting report about the current plans to clean up floating space junk. [gyre - military revolutions]


Bush's psuedo science horrifies researchers

Prominent scientific researchers who form the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are shocked and in awe at the errors in Bush's science. [the register uk]


Perseid Meteor Shower Could Be Best Ever

Scientists at nasa have predicted the coming Perseid meteor showers (starting mid-July and peaking on August 12th) will be some of the best ever seen. The reasons they give are two-fold, one being that the moon will be new, and another being that our planet is crossing a new filament of space dust stemming from the Swift-Tuttle comet.


Glassy Amorphous Steel

Using the rare metal yttrium, researches at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have created an alloy based on iron ore that is more like glass than steel. It is extremely strong and light and, like glass, it resembles a liquid more than a solid.


SpaceShipOne A Success!

I just got back from the Mojave Airport, where i saw the successful takeoff and landing of the World's first commercial space ship, SpaceShipOne. I arrived on Sunday night at around 11pm and was one of the first people to park. Upon exiting my car i was greeted by 30-40mph winds that were blasting sand, painfully fast, from the North. [read the rest]